Firmware Xiaomi Poco X3 Stock firmware Flash File Free Download

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Mar 28, 2021
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From this page, you can download free Xiaomi Poco X3 firmware or stock ROM without any password.

If you notice the link below and it doesn’t work, post it in our comments section so we can modify and update it.

Next, you can download to your machine the Xiaomi Poco X3 program and install the Xiaomi Poco X3 Firmware Flash File.

Our Xiaomi Poco X3 Official Firmware ROM will solve the following problems.​

  1. LCD problem.
  2. Weak skills on Ram.
  3. Even unwanted viruses.
  4. Your mobile is running slow.
  5. The logo hangs on your phone.
  6. Your phone shuts down while running.
  7. Whole phone storage issue.
  8. Unfortunately, the app eventually shut down.
  9. Unfortunately, the Android app is shutting down.
  10. Sometimes your mobile is turned off and restarted.

If you have these problems on your mobile, you need to flash your mobile.​

Flashing with the new firmware will fix all the issues with your device. Will make your device look like a newly purchased phone. So, if there is any problem with your phone, this is the only solution.

Xiaomi Poco X3 Stock ROM​

Package Name:
Package Size: 3.7 GB
Download Links: AndroidFileHost - GDrive

Follow the flashing instructions given in China to learn how to flash Xiaomi Poco X3 Firmware or Stock ROM.​

Phase by Progress:

  1. By double-checking reliability, download the right Fastboot ROM on the Windows PC. Then extract and receive on the PC the workable extensions.
  2. Download and unzip the Xiaomi Flash Tool Free on your PC.
  3. Switch to installation from the folder from the .exe format
  4. Through accessing the tool’s GUI, begin to “Browse”.
  5. Then attach the ROM file.
  6. Move the computer from Xiaomi to Fastboot mode. So switch the computer off and literally keep down the Volume Down and Power keys for a long click.
  7. Then connect the computer with a proper USB cable in Fastboot mode to your PC.
  8. You can now access the GUI of the tool and verify if the device is attached.
  9. “From all three, pick the most acceptable flashing option:” Flash all,” “Flash all but storage “and” Flash all but data and storage.
  10. Touch the flash at the top of your window and wait a few minutes.
  11. If the process is completed, you can successfully reset and finalize the process.

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